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Do I need varicose veins for circulation?
The simple answer is no as the incompetent vein will impair normal venous return while removing it can improve circulation.

Do I need those veins for future bypass graft?
A dilated, fibrosed, weak vein is not a good candidate for graft.

How does pregnancy impact varicose vein?
First of all, pregnancy can bring about first onset of varicose veins and may indeed worsen current varicose veins due to changing hormonal environment and later made worse by increasing size of uterus.

What is treatment for varicose veins during pregnancy?
Conservative management is the best way. That includes compression stocking, exercise and leg elevation.

Should I postpone vein treatments till I finish my family planning?
The answer is depends. Generally if the varicose veins are asymptomatic, then it is reasonable to postpone the treatments except wearing compression stocking till finish family planning. However if varicose veins have become symptomatic during that period. Treatment of certain segment is reasonable to consider depending on the location and severity.

How does sclerotherapy (vein injection) help?
When varicose veins are eliminated, the blood will be rechanneled to normal vein that can return blood to the heart more efficiently.

Does sclerotherapy (vein injection) hurt?
Most patients will experience some discomfort. And the amount of discomfort will depend on the solution, concentration and most important person’s own pain tolerance.

How many sessions of sclerotherapy (vein injection) do I need?                                 We can give you an approximate number of sclerotherapy sessions at the time of your consultation. The number of sessions is dependent on the extent of venous disease including size, area and distribution.

What is the interval of sclerotherapy (vein injection)?
The treatments are usually spaced out at one to two weeks interval.

What can I do to minimize discomfort during sclerotherapy (vein injection)?
It is reasonable to take Tylenol before the treatment. And in the extreme case, you can purchase EMLA cream from the pharmacy to apply to the intended treatment area half to one hour before treatment and remove it just before injection. Please consult a physician before you do so.

Will treated veins recur?
The vein that was adequately treated will not recur. However as sclerotherapy does not address the underlying weakness of the vein which is genetic in nature in most cases, therefore new vein may appear over time. Prevention is the key to reduce the recurrence.

What can I do to prevent varicose veins from occurring?
There is no absolute method of prevention. Most important tool is compression stocking. It can be further helped by exercise, prevent prolong standing, sitting and cross leg. Weight reduction will be useful as well.

What does AHCIP (Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan) cover?
The initial consultation is covered by AHCIP if you have a valid Alberta health card. At the time of consultation, we will inform you what is and is not covered by AHCIP as well as approximate cost of treatments.

Do I need referral?